ISO-22000- Food Safety Management System


Safe food is a worldwide issue. It becomes very important when there is a peer pressure from consumers, retailers, social groups, and legislative bodies affecting the whole food supply chain. The Answers is an ISO 22000 Registration.

ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System)

The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has published ISO 22000 in September 2005.

There has been a continuous increase in consumer demand for safe food. This has led to the development of various food safety standards. The growing number of national standards has led to confusion. Consequently, there is a need for international harmonization and ISO aims to meet this need with ISO 22000:

ISO 22000 specifies how?

  • to carry out the hazard analysis,
  • to design the HACCP plan,
  • to design the PRP, and
  • to decide which are OPRP



ISO 22000 scope


  • Specifies the requirements for a food safety management system where an organization in the food chain needs to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption
  • is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size which are involved in any aspect of the food chain and want to implement systems that consistently provide safe products. The means of meeting any requirements of this international standard can be accomplished through the use of internal and/or external resources.