ISO 20000 - International IT Service Management

ISO 20000 is the international standard specifically for IT Service Management. It describes an integrated set of management processes which form a service management system for the effective delivery of services to the business and its customers.

ISO 20000 consists of several parts:

ISO 20000-1:2011 (Part 1) is the formal specification and defines the requirements for a service management system. The scope includes:

  • General requirements for a service management system
  • Design and transition of new or changed services
  • Service delivery process
  • Relationship processes
  • Resolution processes
  • Control processes



ISO 20000-2:2012 (Part 2) Provides guidance on the application of service management systems, including best practices for service management processes within the scope of ISO 20000-1.


ISO TR 20000-3 (Part 3) contains guidance on scope definition and applicability of Part 1. Various other parts supplement these three with guidance and information on specific aspects and uses of the standard.